If you haven't watched the video of The Beat being made-up as a zombie (for our coverage of CATCO's Evil Dead The Musical), stop reading and go to www.ThisWeekNews.com right now and dig the first two videos on our home page player.

Thanks to everyone at CATCO who helped make this happen and for making us such a mess.

More blogging later but we wanted to share a bit of what Ta, our makeup artist, shared with us during the make-up process (as time-lapse video doesn't allow for a whole lot of commentary.)

She said her research included viewing more than 2,100 onlione "zombie" images, searching for the look that she liked the best. Posting the images in the dressing rooms then helps the actors duplicate the look.

The key to make-up, she said, is "blend, blend, blend." Good thing she was around to help out with ours.

Additionally, you should know that you could win a chance to be a walk-on zombie - they're called Deadites in Evil Dead - in the show. Details here.