This weekend's Columbus Symphony Orchestra Picnic with the Pops Concerts featuring The Ohio State University Marching Band (read The Beat's take here0 mark the final shows in a 28-year run for the CSO)'s annual outdoor summer concerts on the lawn at Chemical Abstracts Service.

Next summer, Picnic moves downtown to the new Columbus Commons.

“The Columbus Symphony has been honored and privileged to present 28 summers of Picnic with the Pops at Chemical Abstracts Service, and because of their invaluable and unwavering support, it has become an icon of summer in Columbus,” stated Martin Inglis, CSO Board Chair. “We look forward to the huge and exciting undertaking of moving to Columbus Commons and creating a fun and accessible opportunity for symphonic music in downtown Columbus.”

“CAS has been proud to be the CSO’s summer home for nearly three decades,” said CAS President Bob Massie. “I would like to thank a generation of CAS colleagues, CSO staff, musicians, and countless volunteers, as well as tens of thousands of patrons for creating so many exceptional memories on our campus. We wish the Symphony all the best in their new downtown location.”

In case you missed it, read an earlier entry we made following a conversation with CAPA's Bill Conner on the CSO's move to the Commons next summer here.