More from The Beat's interview with pianist Di Wu, who joins ProMusica Chamber Orchestra for its "Happy Year of the Dragon" concerts this weekend.

Some great insight from pianist Di Wu, in addition to what you read in our print piece:

We asked Wu about the piece she's performing with ProMusica, Chopin's Piano Concerto No. 1. She called the piece "intimate and beautiful," but also "rather difficult," and, something audiences might not even think about - "strenuous on the fingers" despite not appearing overly difficult when first reading the score.

She added that she believes the piece' "sincereity" comes from that fact Chopin was young at the time of the work's composition, and that, for him, it was a bit nostalgic as he was preparing to leave Poland as well.

On another topic, Wu weighed in on her performance style, suggesting striking a balance on stage is like "walking a tightrope between making sure you're emotional and involved but also collected and logical."

Lastly, we asked her about "classical" music and a younger generation of which she is a part. She replied that she has many friends who aren't musicians, and that being an ambassador is something she approaches carefully if not lightly.