More from The Beat's interview with Matt Hammitt of Sanctus Real

You know from reading our print piece that the fellows in CCM band Sanctus Real are Ohio boys (the band formed in Toledo), but you wouldn't necessarily know that bassist Dan gartley is from Marion - even closer to central Ohio. Gartley lives in Nashville now, but Matt Hammitt told The Beat that three band members still make their homes in Toledo.

You also know that the tour is a big family deal - both with the number of bands traveling with their families to the fellowship taking place amongst the different band's circles and the overlap that often comes from being on the road. Hammit said that Sanctus Real are friends with and have toured with several of the acts on the Winter Jam Tour,specifically Building 429, and that they're making new friends on this tour.

But he said it's not totally about the fun and fellowship - but that he has had discussions with a few folks about working together... "getting creative," he called it. So if you see a tune in a year or so from Sanctus Real co-written with, say, Peter Furler, of some supergroup featuring member of multiple Winter Jam bands, just remember you heard it from The Beat first!