Cellist Sara Sant' Ambrogio talks about being a "working mom."

If it makes us sound sexist then so be it, but in our years onThe Beat beat, we've found few things that women artists/musicians prefer to talk about than their kids. Which is quite all right with us. First of all, we're proud of our own kid, too. And second of all, it makes for a realkly cool conversation, even if much of it ends up being off-topic to the story on which we're working.

But we're here to share some of that discussion that didn't make it into our print piece on cellist Sara Sant' Ambrogio.

Her son first came up unbidden in discussing her affinity for the J.S. bach cello suites -- "My son's name is Sebastian Jonathan," she said.

Later we talked about touring and raising a family.

"Every working mom has a constant juggling act, but you find ways to make it work. I've been extremely blessed. Three weeks after my son was born he went on tour around the world with me, so I was able to play a concert and then be with him in thd dressing room."

"He's in second grade now so he has his own schedule," she said by way of saying he doesn't travel with her as muich these days. "But he has some great experiences."

Additionally, "My song is a big old ham."

Sebastian is a dancer ("He's always done 'interpretive dance' while I'm playing," she said, adding "He has a big hip-hop performance coming up.") and a pianist ("He wants to be better than me.")