CityMusic Columbus founder Steve Rosenberg has announced his retirement from the presenting series.

We told you in a recent edition of The Beat that City Music Columbus founder Steve Rosenberg would be honored at the organization's presentation of Quartetto Gelat, as he has recently announced his retirement from the organization as artistic director.

"I've been thinking on it for a while," Rosenberg told The Beat. "After 30 years, it just felt like a good time to move on. Every founder arrives at this point"

The series began its life in 1982 with an intended one-off chamber music concert at the Short North Tavern. That experience eventually led to the formation of the Short North Arts Series, which eventually changed its named to CityMusic Columbus. The series has always sought out atypical venues and artists that might not otherwise have been presented in Columbus.

"I'm proud that CityMusic is in a unique place in the cultural landscape," Rosenberg said. "We've always intended the concerts to be interactive, to connect the audience to the artist, no matter the venue or size of audience."

"I take a lot of pride at the groups and artists we brought to Columbus, and also our music programs for inner-city kids."

Rosenberg understands that times have been tough for the arts in general, but is "cautiously optimistic" regarding the future.

As for his own future, Rosenberg said he will hardly be lacking for something to do - as orchestra manager for the Lancaster Festival and an oboe instructor at Denison University. Still, he expects to find a new endeavor at some point.

"CityMusic took up a big chunk of time. I'm going to take a little time off then start to think about what to do in its place."