More on reggae band Rebelution from The Beat's interview with Eric Rachmany

So some genuine insight into how - sometimes - an interview with The Beat and a performing artist goes --

Eric Rachmany is singer/guitarist/songwriter for young reggae band Rebelution. They got their start while in college, playing gigs on and around campus... in a southern California beach town. Their upcoming gig in Columbus is at the Newport Music Hall. The college kids who, I presumed, make up their audience are closer in age to The Beat's offspring than The Beat. So, with full disclosure and not in a critical way, some of our conversation took place around this dynamic.

If you read our print piece, you read some of his discourse on the subject. He was cool, but definitive that the music is not inetnded for a limited audience. We do not believe he meant this in a "so we can sell records" kind of way.

Anyway, this might help explain the direction of the print piece (which you went back and read, right?).

We also chatted quite a bit about his band's music, some of which we were able to work into the story.

"There is definitely a positive vibe when you listen to the music live," he also said. "That's partially why our lyrics are positive. A lot of our lyircs have to do with encouragement and motivation."

For example, here is Sky is the Limit from the new Peace of Mind 3-CD release.

It was at the band's manager's suggestion that the new CD be done in three parts, with the main release accompanied by acoustic and dub versions.

"I love playing acoustic," Rachmany told us. "We've done a couple acoustic shows, and we want to add that element to our (regular) show."

Good stuff, this acoustic -- Meant To Be, for example.

Feel-good music for multiple demographics? Rebelutionary.