"Leibovitz," a landmark exhibition of more than 200 photographs by Annie Leibovitz, is now open at the Wexner Center for the Arts.

You saw out feature piece and video already, right? (OK, if not, go here and check 'em out.)

The video concerns the installation of a giant wallscape on Ohio state University's Lincoln Tower. It's "the greatest." (You figure it out.)

As if the exhibition itself, the only one ever of its scope of Leibovitz' work, a national arts story and a part of the 200Columbus year-long celebration, wasn't enough, there's plenty happening in conjunction with it to add to the fun.

Start with the selection of Leibovitz as the recipient of the 14th Wexner Prize. This would be a big deal in and of itself, but to have the prize presented during the run of the exhibition (in November), and for Ms. Leibovitz to be able to participate in additional activities at the Wex, makes this all the more cool.

For interactive fun, check out the 200 Cameras project. This blog explains it, although since it's a couple weeks dated, best guess is the cameras are all gone. However, note the following line: "But just because you may not get a camera doesn't't mean you can't participate." Read more!

Wexner Center director Sherri Geldin also made sure we knew that the presentation of center faves The Builders Association in November was "deliberately schedule to coincide" with "Leibovitz." The BA production is titled "Sontag: Reborn," and is a portrait of the late Susan Sontag, who was Leibovitz' partner.

Lots to see and do as regards this exhibition.