More from The Beat's interview with Michelle Lewis.

Michelle Lewis keeps her promises.

The Beat received a note of thanks directly from the singer-songwriter after we previewed her show here last year. She said she met a gentleman who read about the show in the Fab Five and came down on a whim (and a recommendation from a reliable source...) He bought a CD for himself and a number of others, intending to share them with his friends.

Now we can discuss all day who was a better patron for Lewis (hint: it was that guy), but The Beat is not about getting credit (and a good thing, too).

Anyway, Lewis ended her note of thanks with a promise to do an advance interview the next time she was headed this way. Which she is Saturday, at Brothers Drake Meadery. An, true to her word, was interviewed by The Beat for this piece

Born and schooled in and a resident of the Boston area, Lewis both draws on and is a part of the rich folk music tradition of that city. Earlier in her recording career, Lewis said, her music was a little less-focused, something she attributes to youth and feeling like one has so much to say and whatnot. Her two recent EP's, Broken (we referenced the tune Lonely Life in our print piece - here it is) and Paris (title track here) are "a little more similar in style, a little more folk-Americana."

The good news is that all the tunes feature Lewis' gentle and honey-sweet voice. And the show features Lewis' smile, which we offered in our piece last summer could "melt you like butter in the microwave."