Barring weather-related difficulties, Americana musician Ryan Bingham will play the Newport Music Hall tonight. If you missed our print piece, read it here.

The Beat talked a little bit with Bingham about his experience working on the movie Crazy Heart, and his song, The Weary Kind, that won him an Academy Award. Here's a little bit more about the song from Bingham, co-writer (the late, great) T-Bone Burnett and director Scott Cooper.

We did get some insight into Bingham's writign in general.

"I write songs in spurts. I travel and experience thing and that gives me something to write about. Playing guitar is what I do for fun, but that's when I start to write. I don't force the writing. I'd rather let it be spontaneous, in the moment and wait for it to come."

He's made his mark as a songwriter and plays guitar for fun. But there's no mistaking the rocky elegance of his voice. Listen here at this clip of Bingham performing The Weary Kind.

You'll note, though, in our print piece, how Bingham has recently become, at least in some respects, a little less weary.