More from The Beat's interview with Ricky Phillips

Styx takes the Celeste center stage at the Ohio State Fair Sunday night, with fellow70s/80s U.S. rockers REO Speedwagon. (Read The Beat's print story with bassist Ricky Phillips here.)

Phillips noted the long history between the two bands, who share midwestern roots.

"They're probably the one band we've done more shows with," Phillips said of REO. "People just love this pairing. We get thrown together and it's like a trip back to a point in time for people. And we get along great with those guys."

Phillips' history with REO guitarist dave Amaoto pre-dates either of them being in their current bands.

"When I got into my first band, I was sleeping on couches in Los Angeles. I remember Frankie Banali and Rudy Sarzo of Quiet Riot were part of that community. They were crashing in an apartment just down from where I was. It was just these misfits from around the country who ended up coming to LA."

Another of those couch-crashers was Amato.

"We're buddies, and have been for a long time. We met back in those days in LA, doing (studio) sessions."