More from The Beat's interview with Mary Frances of Yo Mama's Big Fat Booty band.

No doubt we're going to be sad when our opportunities run out to continually use "Booty" in stories, headlines and blog titles. "This is a family newspaper!"

But while we still can, here's some good news from keyboardist/singer Mary Frances of Yo Mama's Big Fat Booty Band - colloquially-known as Booty Band. Frances and her mates, hot off the release of Onward!, are already writing for a new record. While a high-energy funk outfit like the Ashville, N.C.-based Booty Band certainly makes its name as a live act, as Frances told us and we shared in our print piece (you didn't read it? well here it is), the band has always written its own music, which we found somewhat unique despite a noteable surge in the live funk scene.

Meantime, you can see/hear/experience Booty live tomorrow night at Brothers Drake Meadery. And tide yourself over/get a preview with this clip of Onward! tune Trunk Fallin' Off and its thrownback hip-hop vibe.