Hi Consumers, I am going to share with you how I plan my weekly grocery list. On Sunday when I get The Bag I scan the circulars for the specials for the upcoming week. I make a list of the specials offered by each store and plan my purchases from there. I also clip the coupons from the Sunday paper and from TheBag.com. Try always to purchase the fruits and vegetables that are the weekly specials. If grapes are on sale for $.88 per pound then buy grapes that week. If oranges are on sale then oranges will be your fruit for the week. Be flexible and introduce a variety of fruits and vegetables to your family and benefit from the bargains each week.

It pays to stop at a few different stores including the Wholesale Clubs {Sam's Club or Costco}. On a weekly basis I shop at Meijers, Krogers, Trader Joe's and Sam's Club. Every other week I make it a point to stop at Anderson's, Whole Foods and occasionally GFS for specialty items. When I find myself in a part of town that has an Aldi's , Marc's or Giant Eagle I will stop there. Now I know that it takes time to go to several stores, but my point is to reap the benefits of weekly sales and specials at each location. Try not to be a one-stop shopper. For now happy shopping!

Laurie, The Bag Lady