Consumers, in the last several years I have tried to change the eating habits of my family to be more healthy. One way I have done this was to switch to whole wheat pasta. At first they bulked at it but eventually they came around and discovered they actually liked it. At first it was difficult to find a good selection of the whole wheat pastas at a good price. Now all of the major grocery chains have caught on and package it under their store brand name. I have priced several different stores for you to find the best deals. Kroger sells their 12oz. boxes of pasta for $1.39. Meijer sells their 16oz. boxes of pasta for $1.49. Giant Eagle has their 16oz. boxes of pasta for $2.09. Whole Foods sells their 16oz.bags of 365 Brand organic whole wheat pasta for $1.49. And last but not least Trader Joe's sells their 16oz. bag of organic whole wheat pasta for $1.29. Obviously Trader Joe's and Whole Foods are the better choices because not only are they priced the same or better but because they are organic. Which ever store you shop at I wanted to show you how easy it is to make small healthy changes to your diet. For now happy shopping!

Laurie, The Bag Lady