Consumers, have you noticed that when an item that you buy is labeled salt free the item costs more than the same product that is saturated with salt? That is ridiculous to me. Why should consumers pay more to eat healthy? It is just as easy for food manufacturers to leave the salt out as it is to put it in the food. I am all about cutting the salt out of my family’s diet. I found some great deals on sodium free foods I would like to pass along to you. Whole Foods has a good selection of their 365 Brand salt free canned beans for $.89. They also have salt free corn, peas and green beans for the same price. You will pay double that at the major grocery chains if you can find them. Kroger now offers their store brand diced tomatoes and sauce in a salt free version at no extra cost to the consumer. I pay about $.61 per can on sale. I have seen them at Whole Foods for $1.19 per can. If you are looking to make some healthy changes to your diet I hope this information will be helpful to you and your wallet. For now happy shopping!

Laurie, The Bag Lady