Consumers, I have been a Vegan for the last 9 years. Vegans do not consume any animal products or by-products. Vegetarians still eat dairy and eggs. It is an eating lifestyle that requires a lot of discipline but once you get adjusted to it is really quite easy to maintain. Last week Oprah Winfrey had an author named Cathy Freston on her show to talk about her book Quantum Wellness. In this book she advocates a Vegan Diet and a 21 Day Cleanse to eliminate caffeine, sugar, alcohol, wheat gluten and animal products from your diet. These are also the things I have completely eliminated from my diet from the beginning. I am pleased that Oprah is doing the 21 Day Cleanse and attempting to go Vegan. Not just for the health benefits she may reap from it but as a Voice that has so much influence over peoples perceptions of what it is . When you tell people you are a Vegan they look at you cross eyed. Vegans do not survive on twigs and berries as some people may jest. I eat raw and dried fruit, raw nuts and seeds, whole grains, vegetables, potatoes, beans and lentils. My reason for going Vegan was for a chronic health condition and knowing that I was doing the best I could for my body. Hopefully with Oprah on the Vegan Bandwagon people will be more accepting of it. She is doing a daily Blog on her progress through her transition at My son eats predominately beef and chicken and my husband eats a healthy but normal diet. Needless to say with all the different menus going on in my house I am either at the grocery store or cooking. For now happy shopping!

Laurie, The Bag Lady