Consumers, Saturday was a big day at my house. It was the day that The Pittsburgh Steelers single game tickets went on sale to the public. You see, my son and husband are two of the biggest Steelers fans around. They will sit through rain, sleet or snow to cheer their team on and believe me they have. The tickets went on sale at noon through Ticketmaster so all of the fans were online feverishly trying to get through. My son thought maybe this year they would be able to get through because we now have Turbo-Speed Roadrunner. In the last few years they were unsuccessful but thought they might have an edge this time. I suggested having me call Ticketmaster on the phone and try to get tickets while my husband manned two computers at one time. I am sure they thought my calling would be a waste of time but they humored me anyway. I called a little early and each time a representative would say tickets don't go on sale for another six minutes you will have to call back. The next time I would get a busy signal but kept calling. I finally got a representative who told me to call back in two minutes. This is when I got creative. I asked her please not to hang up but instead talk to me for the next two minutes about some other event that Ticketmaster had going on. She perked up and asked if I would be interested in tickets for a circus that evening and talked about that for a minute or so. Then she asked me what Steelers games I was interested in getting the tickets to. I told her my guy’s first two game choices. Four tickets were the maximum number you could get. So two games at face value was all they would sell. Anyway by working the old fashioned telephone I was able to do what many people using their high tech computers were not. I landed two tickets to two different games at face value. Sometimes modern technology is not what it is cracked up to be. There is something to be said about having a one on one conversation with someone who is in a position to help you get what you want. It paid off for me or I should say for my two favorite guys. For now happy shopping!

Laurie, The Bag Lady