Friends, with this being a busy shopping season it helps to be aware of store policies. I gave you information in my July 30th blog under Helpful Hints on Meijer and Walmarts Price Match Guarantee. Today I want to point out the policies at the Appliance and Electronic stores. Best Buy, Circuit City, HH Gregg and Sears all have a price match guarantee. These stores not only price match but will give you 110% back of the difference between the competitor's price. They will honor the price up to 30 days from the date purchased. Be sure to take your ads with you to the store. In the past if I did not have the circular the store would still honor it. The sales associate would look the competitors price up on the computer and match it. Last Christmas I bought my son a Vizio HDTV. I saw it at Sam's Club for a low price and Sears matched it via the computer. You've got to love technology even though I am technologically challenged. By purchasing it at Sears I was able to take advantage of their no finance charges for one year. Stores such as Lowe's and Home Depot offer price matching as well. Just present the ad from the competitor and they will take care of it from there. Keep your circulars with you when you are out shopping. They can save you money. Most stores will not honor Early Bird Specials but it is worth a try. For now happy shopping!

Laurie, TheBag Lady