Friends, as you are finishing up your holiday wrapping take time to organize your receipts. Over the years I have tried many ways to keep them together. I have put them in a shoebox, drawers and envelopes. The best most organized way that I have found is to keep them in photo album. Go to one of the dollar stores and pick up 2 or 3 of them. As you wrap each gift place the receipt and tags in the album together. That way if you go to return the item you will have everything organized and together.It is also much easier to be able to pick up the album and flip through the pages to find the receipt or coupon instead of digging through an envelope. I also do this with department store coupons and savings passes as well as grocery coupons. Categorize each album. Make one for grocery coupons, one for department store coupons and one for receipts. Once you have used this method you will never go back to keeping receipts and coupons in an envelope. For now happy shopping !

Laurie, TheBag Lady