Friends, with all the new and nicely wrapped gifts come the unwanted returns. It can be frustrating trying to take an unwanted gift back. I have returned so many thing over the years that it has become a game to me. So here are some basic rules I picked up along the way. Always keep the box or packaging for everything from make-up, perfume, small electric appliances, vacuum cleaners, jewelry, iPods etc. Always keep all the tags from clothing and keep the stickers on the back of books intact. That way even if you do not have the receipt they will usually return it for store merchandise. If you receive a new fragrance ands once opened and worn a few times you decide you do not like it stores like Macy's and Sephora will let you return them if you have the box and the receipt. If it is a gift and you do not have the receipt they are pretty good about letting you exchange it with the original box. If you have received and iPod or an electronic gift keep the box. That way if something happens to it in the following months you can return it to the store for an exchange. The list goes on and on. So after the gift exchange frenzy of Christmas morning fold the boxes down and stash them in a closet or storage area. You have nothing to lose in trying to return something. The worst the store can do is say no. For a basic overview of some of the popular store chains return policies read my blog posting from 12-01-08 titled Return Policies. For now happy shopping and Merry Christmas!

Laurie, TheBag Lady