Friends, I don't know about you but I do 1 to 2 loads of laundry everyday. We are a household of 3 but my son goes through a whole load of laundry himself each day. Since I am using the dryer so much I look to find ways to cut down the time I need to run it and save on electricity. One way I do this is to keep a dry large bath towel in the dryer at all times. The terrycloth material of the towel will absorb the extra moisture of the clothes thus cutting down on the time it takes to dry them. I find it also helps keep the clothes from getting wrinkled if there is not a full load in the dryer. Try it out and see if you can cut some of the length of time it takes to dry your next load of laundry. Be sure to clean out your lint trap after each load as well. For now happy shopping!

Laurie, The Bag lady