Friends, are you aware that Giant Eagle has a price guarantee policy? Giant Eagle is committed to 100% price accuracy. If any item scans higher than the price marked, advertised, unit price tagged or signed, you are entitled to one unit of the item FREE. Any additional items of the same product in the order will be honored at the lower price. There are some items that are excluded like alcohol, tobacco, milk, pharmacy items and other products restricted by the state are not included. Now to take advantage of this policy the customer is the one who needs to be aware of the sale prices. If the item rings up wrong the only way the cashier will know it is if it is pointed out to them. With all the competition grocers are trying to make the shopping experience of the customer a pleasant one. Having a friendly customer service policy in tact is key to many shoppers. I know that is true for me. I have had items ring up wrong on the register in several stores over the years. Instead of just adjusting the price stores that have a price scan guarantee ensure the customer that they have their best interest and shopping experience in mind. Kroger has a price scan guarantee intact as well. So pay attention to what an item is on sale for once you get to the check out lane. If it rings up incorrectly it is up to you to inform the cashier of the mistake. It may end up saving you some money if you do. For now happy shopping!

Laurie, TheBag Lady