Friends, if you want to be organized never leave the house without a list in hand. If you are shopping take the time to check your freezer, refrigerator and pantry to see what you need to restock. Failing to do this can sabotage your weekly budget. There are certain items that my family goes through in the course of week or two. In the past when I have not taken inventory I have duplicated them before I needed to. Or on the flip side, I have forgotten to buy the very thing I set out to get. That is what aging does to you. Set up a system to make it easy on yourself. My deep freeze is filled to the brim with steak, ground beef and chicken that my son eats. He is in charge of pulling his steak out and cooking it. He eats 1 per day for his body building diet. So I can keep track of what is in there I have devised a list that can be crossed off when we pull a package out. Otherwise I would have no idea what my inventory is . My husband has a way of letting me know what he is out of by leaving the empty can of deodorant , face soap, shaving cream etc. on the counter for me. That way I automatically know I have to put it on my list to replenish. By knowing what you need to replace before leaving home will cut out unnecessary and wasteful spending . For now happy shopping!

Laurie, TheBag Lady