Friends, after you open a bottle of cooking wine add 1 tablespoon of oil to the bottle to keep it from turning sour. If you have a bottle of your favorite drinking wine that has been opened in the refrigerator here is a tip. Do not throw it away if it has begun to sour. Boil it down by half its volume. Once it cools return to the bottle and refrigerate it to be used for cooking. That way there is no waste. We are not wine drinkers at my house but I do use quite a bit of wine in my cooking. It is cheaper to buy a larger bottle of an inexpensive drinking wine than a smaller bottle of cooking wine. Trader Joe's sells "Three Buck Chuck" the nick name of Charles Shaw wine for a great price. I find it is a perfect wine for most recipes. The carafes of Paul Mason wine are usually inexpensive as well. For now happy shopping! Laurie, TheBag Lady