Friends, to save money we all need to maximize our dollar to the fullest. This means taking responsibility and being accountable for every purchase we make. Spending money means that we have made a decision. Before making this decision we must evaluate if what we are spending our hard earned cash on is worth it. If our goal is to spend less we may need to examine if we really need it or if it is indeed a good deal.

Remember that impulse purchases can be disatorous to our monthly budget. This can be from anything from food to clothing. Do you really need a DVD of your favorite movie? How about the container of ice cream or a new outfit? Before you make any purchase pause and think of how many hours of work it would take to pay for the item you are about to buy. If it passes the test and is in your budget buy it. If not you have just saved yourself some money. For now happy shopping!

Laurie, TheBag Lady