Friends, we all are trying to find ways to cut corners on our weekly grocery bill. One stratedgy people often employ at the meat counter is to skimp on the quality of meat. They reach for the lowest price per pound rather than taking into consideration the cut and quality of meat they are buying. In the long run you will you will spend more money if this is something you routinely do. The reason is that when buying the lower cuts you will end up with usually one third bone, fat and gristle. Not very appetizing is it?

Butchers will advise you to buy the more expensive cut that has very little fat, bone or gristle. You will actually be eating more meat and throwing away less scraps. The next time you buy ground beef or a roast pay attention to this. Make it a point to ask if the ground beef is 70%, 80%, 90%or 94% lean. The leaner ground beef tends to be drier but is perfect in chili, meat sauces and sloppy Joe's. It can save you as much as 20% and stretch your servings for the meal at the same time.

The great thing about it is all of the competing grocery chains and speciality meat shops such as Carfagna's, The Anderson's House of Meats and Wholesale Clubs always have wonderful sales going on for the better cuts. This week Carfagna's has whole strip loin on sale for $2.99 lb. I have never seen it priced so low. They will cut it into New York Strip Steaks for free. It is worth having a deep freeze in your home just for your meat purchases. Think about this the next time you are at the meat counter. For now happy shopping!

Laurie, TheBag Lady