Friends, I love pretty packages underneath the Christmas tree on Christmas morning. There is something magical about it. But what do you do when the people you give to do not want anything except gift cards and money? That presents a dilemma. It is boring just to put them in a card and say 'Merry Christmas.' That takes the fun out of it.

What I have been doing over the last few years is getting creative with my packaging and wrapping. Actually, I have been doing this for years. Whenever I have gifts that are easily recognizable such as a CD, video game, gift cards or money, I disguise them.

I gather different sized boxes and fill them with tissue paper or something heavy. That is for the people who shake their presents trying to guess what is in them. I like to keep them guessing. If you are giving the gift of money a $50.00 bill is a nice gift and deserves a nice presentation.

I also get creative with the tiny stockings. You can pick them up almost anywhere; sometimes for as little as a quarter. They are great for gift cards. Wrap the cards and place them inside the stocking. Add a mini candy cane in the stocking as well. They are cute, inexpensive and a fun way to present the gift. For now, happy shopping!

Laurie, TheBAG Lady