Friends, New Year's Eve is about saying goodbye to the old and ringing in the New Year. To celebrate with friends and family, you can throw a New Yearís Eve party with out going over your budget.

*As far as decorations are concerned, your beautifully lit tree and Christmas decorations provide the perfect atmosphere for your New Year's Eve party. Pick up some hats and noise makers from the dollar stores and discount party stores.

*Serve appetizers instead of a main course meal. Ask each person to bring their favorite finger foods or dessert to share. Keep track of who is bringing what so you have a variety. For those with no time to cook, Samís Club, Costco and GFS are great places to get pre-made frozen appetizers. Their prices are much more reasonable than the grocery chains for items like these.

*If serving alcohol, keep it simple. Ask friends to bring their favorite beer or wine and have an assortment of 2 liter bottles of pop. Have a pot of coffee on hand as well.

* To avoid the messy clean, up shop at the dollar stores for paper plates, plastic cups and utensils.

*Have everyone bring their favorite game. There are so many fun ones out there. This is a great opportunity to play progressive Euchre too. All you need is 4 tables, cards and score cards. The Hallmark Stores carry all you will need for your progressive Euchre card games. Pick up some dollar items to give gifts to the winners.

*If children are included, have a room set up for them with kids games, a TV, movies, snacks and pop. This should help keep them entertained.

Most importantly, enjoy! A party is all about celebrating and looking forward to the New Year. You do not need to bust your budget to do so. For now, happy shopping!

Laurie, TheBAG Lady