Friends, when investigating a hair care product, if you compare the ingredients, you will see that most name brands are no different that generic brands. You will notice big savings by using these products without any difference in quality. Before I was married, I used Paul Mitchell's hair products . I was brainwashed into thinking my hair would look better with the salon products. I changed my tune fast once I was married and raising my son.

My family and I like the Suave Professionals Humectant shampoo and conditioner. It is comparable to the Nexxus Humectant brand which we used prior to switching. You can purchase it at any of the grocery chains or drug stores.

The best deals that I have found are in the wholesale clubs such as Costco and Sam's Club. They carry several different brands of hair care products that are wallet friendly. This is a time when buying wholesale pays off. For now, happy shopping!

Laurie, TheBAG Lady Sunny 95 Savvy Shopper