Friends, I am sure you have run into the situation where you go to a store to buy a particular item, then they have every size and color, except the one you want, in stock. I have learned through the years to buy the items that I want in the wrong size or color to ensure I will reap the benefit of the sale.

Usually, if it is an item that is normally in the inventory of a store such as jeans, dress shirts or small appliances, they will restock the inventory within a week or two. Many times you can ask the sales associate to check the inventory at the other stores in the area. I have done this many times. Once the right size or color of the item is back in stock the one you purchased can be traded in for an even exchange.

Trust me, this is the easiest way to ensure you get the full advantage of the sale price offered on that given day. You can also do this with your grocery shopping. For example, if the flavor of Triscuits you are there to buy for a really great price is out of stock, take another one home and exchange it with the receipt the next time you are at the store.

I know to many of you that seems like too much trouble to be bothered with. It is really very easy and you have the satisfaction of knowing that you are not missing out on a good deal. For now, happy shopping!

Laurie, TheBag Lady