Friends, displays are a powerful marketing tool. If an item is on display at a store, you are much more likely to pay attention to it. An item can be on sale on the shelf in the aisle and a shopper will pass it up. Put the same item on an end cap and customers will stop and put it in their cart.

A good display will get shoppers to stop, look and hopefully buy the item being featured. The item may or may not be on sale, but if the shopper sees it on display they assume it is a good price. It is all in the psychology of marketing.

Before you purchase an item on displa, make sure it is indeed on sale. Walk back to the aisle that the item is stocked on to see if another brand is on sale for a lower price. It is all about making smart and informed choices. Donít let the stores manipulate your purchases. For now, happy shopping!

Laurie, TheBAG Lady