Friends, we have been witnessing a trend with the food manufacturers. They have downsized their packaging. Grocers fear that if they raise their prices, the customer will go elsewhere to shop or purchase another brand. This has led them to do the next best thing. They offer the same product, for the same price, in a smaller container.

Now this may slip past the non-savvy shopper but they arenít fooling us. Everything from your favorite peanut butter to a bag of coleslaw has been affected. What used to be a 16 ounce bag of salad is now a 12 ounce bag. An 18 ounce jar of peanut butter is now a 15 ounce jar. Less for more is now the new trend.

To get the most for your dollar, compare the unit price of each item to see what the real cost is. Try different brands and watch for sales and coupons on popular items you purchase. It is all about shopping smart and saving money. For now, happy shopping!

Laurie, TheBAG Lady