Everyone likes to save money. The Sunday newspaper continues to be the best place to find grocery coupons. The next best thing is online coupons. Even shoppers in high income brackets have joined the coupon bandwagon.

Printing coupons from the internet is easy, but redeeming them can be another story. Retail coupons are readily accepted by retail chains and restaurants. Make sure to read the fine print on the coupon before attempting to use it.

When you find a coupon you would like to print make sure to have your printer on and print the coupon in grayscale. This will save your color ink cartridge and save you money.

Present the cashier with the whole printed page that the coupon is on. It will show the cashier the source of the coupon. The bar code must be able to be scanned for the coupon to be accepted.

Be an informed shopper. Visit the website and review stores corporate policies regarding printable coupons.

Many grocery stores double manufacture coupons clipped from a newspaper or magazine up to 50 or 99 cents. This policy may not necessarily apply to printable coupons.

Aldi, Costco, Sam's Club and GFS do not accept manufacture coupons. Wholesale clubs issue house coupons to members.

Don't take no as an answer. If you are cashing a printable coupon at a grocery chain and the cashier refuses to accept it -- ask to speak to a manager or customer service representative. Do not rely on the cashier to be an authority on coupon redemption.

For now happy shopping!

Laurie Dixon, TheBAG Lady