Begin your Earth Day with a cup of free coffee or tea, at Starbucks or Caribou Coffee. It's easy-- just take in your own reusable travel cup and they will fill it for free.

Receive a free reusable shopping bag when you take five plastic bags into the Disney Store on Friday, April 22nd.

Take an empty cosmetic package of any kind to your nearest Origins store or department store counter and get a free sample from the Earth-friendly skincare and makeup manufacturer.

Admission to our U.S. national parks is free on Earth Day -- and on a few days on either side of it. Visit one of the 394 units of the National Park Service during National Park Week April 16-24 for hiking and history, wildlife viewing and volunteering.

Do you part to find ways to conserve every day. Collect reusable bags to use when shopping. Keep a stash in your car so you will never be without them. This will eliminate the use of and paper bags.

*Buy organic when possible. Organic farming eliminates the input of toxic chemicals into the air, soil and water. Watch for sales--organic products go on sale and have coupons, too.

*Invest in a home water purifier and fill your own reusable bottles. *Go back to the basics. Mix your own cleaning solutions with white vinegar and water. It is inexpensive--and not harmful to the environment.

*Turn out the lights, computer, television, fans and stereo when you leave a room. Have lamps on timers to automatically turn off at certain times of the day.

*Simmer fresh lemons, apples, oranges and cinnamon sticks in a pot of water to freshen the air. Many home air fresheners are chemical laden.

*Recycle as often as possible.

*Use gift bags instead of wrapping paper for birthdays and holidays. Recycle bows, ribbons and tissue paper too.

*Recycle Easter grass. Just store it in a Ziplock bag and pack it away with the baskets and decorations.

Just a few changes can make a huge impact everyday--not just on Earth Day.

For now happy shopping!

Laurie Dixon, TheBAG Lady