The price of gas is on the rise again. Fueling a car can make a considerable dent in your budget -- especially if you have multiple drivers in your family. This is causing many to look for ways to save at the pumps. There are ways to cut your fuel consumption.

*Keep the tires inflated. Underinflated tires waste gas.

*Get regular tune-ups. A well-tune engine burns less fuel.

*Get rid of the excess weight in your car. The more weight in the car the more fuel it burns.

* Purchase the lowest grade of octane that is recommended for your make and model of car. If buying a new car select a car that will run efficiently on regular octane gas.

*Combine errands and shop areas that have several stores in close proximity.

*Car pool to work or school.

*Take the bus to school or work when necessary.

*Don't ride the brakes. Keeping your foot on the brakes causes you to use more gas -- it also causes your brakes to wear out more quickly.

*Tighten-up your gas cap. Gas evaporates from the tank if the cap is loose.

*Run the air conditioner only when necessary. It is best to run the air conditioner on the highway, but when you are in stop - and - go traffic, turn the air off and roll down the windows. The air conditioner can use 10 to 20 percent more fuel.

* Drive 55 mph. "The optimal speed for most cars to get the best fuel economy is driving 55 mph," according to Matt Skryja of auto association AAA. "This is far and away the most effective way to save on gas."

*Trade your car in for a more fuel efficient model.

*Find the cheapest gas in your area. Do not drive around looking for it. Track the prices of the gas stations that you pass on your route to work or near your home. There are several sites that do the work for you.

*If you are a one-stop grocery shopper -- take advantage of the stores fuel perks program.

*Plan family vacations close to home. Take advantage of all the wonderful attractions and activities your state has to offer.

*Just a few easy steps and can help you save at the pumps.

For now happy shopping!

Laurie Dixon, TheBAG Lady