Many shoppers grab their receipt at the checkout lane and hurry to their cars. Not so fast -- take the time to look at your receipt. An obvious reason is to make sure you were not overcharged for an item -- or to verify that a coupon was applied. Another reason to check your receipt -- there may be valuable coupons on the back of the receipt. These "check-out" coupons are called Catalina coupons, named after Catalina Category Marketing. They offer incentives good towards your next shopping trip to that store. The coupons are generally good for a 4 week time span.

Catalina coupons can deliver customized promotions to each household. The coupons issued are based on your purchases at the register. If it is a product you like and they present you with a coupon chances are you will buy it again. So, don't be too quick to shove your grocery receipt into your wallet.

For now happy shopping!

Laurie Dixon, TheBAG Lady