Chef Jon O'Carroll of Lindey's delivers another great recipe

Blend Oil as needed
2 each Zucchini cut 1/4 inch thick 2 each yellow squash cut inch thick 2 each red onions cut inch thick 10 each 4/5 ripe tomatoes cut inch thick 2 each Jalapeos 2 each red bell pepper cut in 4 & deseeded 2 each green bell pepper cut in 4 & deseeded 8 cloves of garlic place on a skewer 3 bunches scallions topped / tailed & washed Salt & Pepper as needed
Step 2
2 each Cucumber peeled & seeded 1 quart Eau du Vie 1 oz fresh basil leaves 1 oz fresh herb mix (chervil dill tarragon & savory) 1 cup red wine vinegar cup extra virgin olive oil 2 quarts tomato juice 4 each limes (juiced) Salt & pepper to taste
Step 3
1 each zucchini (outer portion only) 1 each yellow squash (outer portion only) 1 each red bell pepper 1 each green bell pepper 1 cup tomato concasse.
Lightly coat with oil, season with salt & pepper. Grill and cool. Peel & seed Jalapeos red and green peppers, allow to cool.

Add to vegetables, puree and adjust seasoning.

Cut small dice, saut till tender, cool add to soup with tomatoes.