With all the focus on what happens on the court this winter, Hoop It Up and ThisWeek's staff writers sat down with boys and girls high school coaches throughout central Ohio off the court. We asked coaches questions on topics ranging from basketball related to how they spend their off days. Be sure to check back each week for a new topic.

What do you enjoy most about being a coach? Least?

Bob Scott, Big Walnut girls coach
"The least would be fundraising and obviously when you have to cut kids. That's never enjoyable. What I like the most is being around the kids."

Zach Parr, Lakewood boys coach
"The thing I enjoy most is being around the kids. We have a fun bunch right now. The thing I like least is the administrative side of things - the paperwork, bus schedules, stuff like that. Basketball is the fun part of coaching. The other stuff, not so much."

Bob Miller, Thomas Worthington boys coach
"I enjoy the challenges of each year. I like the practices and going over the opponent, the preparation for the next game. It's also exciting to help the players go on to the next level because you become close to the players.
"What I enjoy the least about it is all the paperwork that you have to turn in. You get inundated with paperwork before the season even begins. There's the physical forms and the emergency numbers for the players and CPR (certification) for all the coaches and sports med training for the coaches. That's what I dislike the most. It's a pain in the butt."

Lisa Cady, Hilliard Davidson girls coach
"What I enjoy most about coaching is teaching players about basketball and about life at the same time.The kids are the reason most coaches do what we do.What I like least is the time I spend away from my husband and children.Luckily, they support me at most games and love the game as much or more than I do."

Chris Kelly, Olentangy boys coach
"Obviously, working with kids is what I like the most. I also like winning games and seeing the excitement in the kids' eyes. The worst part is probably making cuts. Cuts are always very, very tough because the kids work awfully hard to make the team."

Kent Riggs, Canal Winchester boys basketball
"I enjoy working with the kids every year, taking a group at the beginning and trying to mold them together. Hopefully watching them improve and their interactions with each other. The negative of it for me right now is all the outside stuff. It seems it's turned into a 12-month coaching position and that's a drawback. That's why you don't see coaches coaching as long as they used to."

Jack Purtell, Reynoldsburg girls coach
"Most. Watching the development of the kids, boys and girls. Watching them mature and grow as people and players. You see them in front of people you can succeed and fail. I just love the game and the competition. Our kids here at Reynoldsburg, I really like them.

"Worst. Cutting kids. Telling them they're not going to be on the team."

Sam Davis, New Albany boys coach
"I absolutely love the opportunity to work with such quality young people. Young people today get a lot of bad reps, about how they dress and how they act or they don'thave respect. But I'm telling you, I know our world is in good hands, because the kids I work with here at New Albany are just quality, quality individuals. I'm not saying that to be phony, I'm serious. They just know how to work, they work hard, they're respectful. I'm always proud of their actions. The biggest thing for me is the opportunity to work with such fine young men."

Jennifer Clark, Olentangy Liberty girls coach
"Most - seeing my kids succeed. It's awesome when you teach them something on either an individual or team basis and they are able to do it in a game. Or if a player has a habit that needs changed and they finally do it correctly...those are little successes that lead to much larger ones.
"Least - mainly outside influences that can hinder a player's attitude and/or performance."

Tom Woodford, Watterson girls coach
"I enjoy building relationships with multiple people, from the administration, to teaching staff and players. For example, I've been fortunate enough to get invited to the weddings of past players who have gotten married. The least favorite part of coaching is now that my kids are getting older -- I've got daughters who are six and 11 years old - I have to miss their practices and games, because I'm out scouting or with my own team. It bothers me sometimes when I don't get to see them play their sport."

Tom Souder, Worthington Kilbourne boys coach
"I enjoy working with the kids, and trying to teach them how to work and come together as a group. I've done this for 31 years, and if there was something I didn't like I probably wouldn't be doing it for this long."

Scott Davis, Beechcroft boys coach
"I probably like just the daily interaction with the young men and teaching life lessons. Hanging out with the kids keeps you young. It's just a joy watching them progress as basketball players and young men. The least. The games, to be honest. I like to practice, game plan, get ready for the game. I think the kids like the games but for me the games are pretty stressful sometimes.

Chris Barnes, Central Crossing boys coach
"I enjoy working with young people. Watching them improve and good things happen. It's good when you see their hard efforts come to fruition. I had my day as a player and as a coach I'm just trying to help the kids have fun. Anytime you see their hard work work out well for them, it makes you feel good."