With all the focus on what happens on the court this winter, Hoop It Up and ThisWeek's staff writers sat down with boys and girls high school coaches throughout central Ohio off the court. We asked coaches questions on topics ranging from basketball related to how they spend their off days. Be sure to check back each week for a new topic.

How much basketball do you watch other than your own teams and the teams you're
preparing to play?

Hali Robinson, Brookhaven boys coach
"Not much because of how the games are scheduled. I do watch quite a bit of college basketball."

Lisa Cady, Hilliard Davidson girls coach
"I watch college basketball when I have the time. It's hard with two small children to get time to watch any TV at all."

Pat Dimmick, St. Charles coach
"I'm sure my wife and kids would say that I watch way too much basketball. I watch college and the NBA when I get the chance."

Bob Scott, Big Walnut girls coach
"I always watch Ohio State play. I watch them when I can."

Greg Nossaman, Olentangy Liberty boys coach
"I love watching college basketball. I try to watch some of those games when I have time."

Bob Miller, Thomas Worthington boys coach
"I like to watch Ohio State play. I'm an Ohio State graduate. My son went to pharmacy school at Kentucky, and so I've become a Kentucky Wildcat fan. Other than that, I don't watch a lot of college or pro basketball. There's not a whole heck of a lot of time to do that."

Chris Kelly, Olentangy boys coach
"I watch a lot of college basketball. I'm not a big NBA guy."

Jack Purtell, Reynoldsburg girls coach
"It depends, but as much as I can. I'll watch it every night if I can, boys, girls, high school, college and the pros, I'll watch it.

Sam Davis, New Albany boys coach
"It's amazing, because you don't just watch it in the season anymore, it's all year long, with AAU and summer camps. They're all team camps now. I'm watching basketball, probably during the week, two or three times a week. I watch as many Buckeye games as I get a chance to watch. And then in the offseason, in the spring you've got your AAU and we're watching games all the way down to the fourth-grade level AAU teams. And then the high school AAU teams, they play every Friday and Saturday and I probably go at least two or three times a month to those tournaments. And then it's all summer. I run a team camp, and we do 10 games a day, three days in a row, and that's just one weekend. It's a tremendous amount of basketball."

Chris Savage, Upper Arlington girls coach
"I like to think of myself as a student of the game so I watch as much as possible. No matter who you are there is always more to learn."

Dave Gustin, Bexley boys basketball coach
"I watch way too much basketball. With today's cable you can just watch college games all the time. I don't mind a pro game once and while but I mostly watch college. You learn a lot. You may not learn a play by watching, but you learn about the tendencies of a team and what makes them strong week after week. You never stop learning."

Kent Riggs, Canal Winchester boys basketball
"I watch quite a bit of basketball. I'm sure at home you watch more than your wife would want you to watch. I enjoy college more than pro, but it does seem like over the last several years it's harder to enjoy college because the kids are in and out so much. Getting to know the players is hard whether they transfer or leave early.

Tom Woodford, Watterson girls coach
"Primarily, I just watch the Buckeyes. Outside of that, I don't watch a whole lot of anything really. I don't get to watch much TV at all during basketball season."

Tom Souder, Worthington Kilbourne boys coach
"This is my 31st year as a basketball coach. I'm a fan. I like college basketball and certain NBA game are interesting. If there's a game on and I have the opportunity, I'm watching it."