Etiquette expert Nora Cline says bring enough food for everybody and take off your shoes.

Super Bowl parties are festive but they're also a time when emotions run high. Follow a few simple steps and enjoy the game.

It is not discourteous to don a wild outfit to support your favorite team. Whether a fan of the Steelers or Cardinals, don't be the one who arrives with the painted belly you never know who you might see at the party.

It is polite to bring a dish or snack to the party. It doesn't have to be a gourmet item but bring enough to share. A small bag of chips doesn't cut it at a large gathering and your secret stash of pistachios will be fair game to be devoured by everyone within reach, so be prepared.

If the weather outside is frightful take care to wipe or remove your shoes (at least offer) before entering the home. If your bottle or can of beer or soda is cold, it will "sweat." Be a courteous guest and never place a drink on a wood surface without a coaster. Likewise, don't assume that you are invited to prop your feet on the coffee table.

It isn't polite to request a particular food or beverage of your host unless asked. If you require a restrictive diet or want something specific, bring your own.

Don't be a slob. Take a plate, napkin (use it please) and utensils if necessary. While Aunt Martha made your favorite nacho dip, take only enough for a few bites and make your way down the buffet line. Don't break the cardinal rules of food handling. Remember, if you touch it, it's yours and no double-dipping.

During the party, be polite to your host's friends and neighbors, especially if you don't know them well or are meeting for the first time. Friends might come and go, but neighbors live nearby.

There is nothing more annoying than the obnoxious fan who feels the need to give everyone a "play-by-play" during the entire game or the guest who stands in front of the television while the rest of the group peers around him or her to catch a glimpse of the game.

Be polite and courteous to all guests even the ones you don't like. It won't hurt you to make an attempt at conversation with the neighbor who called the police on your barking dog. Certainly don't bring it up, but who knows, you might find that he or she was going through a rough time and took it out on that incident. He or she might feel embarrassed and apologize for not having called you first.

If your team loses, don't be an obnoxious boor and whine about how the winning team got lucky or make excuses about how your team was given the shaft because of bad calls and the like. Nobody wants to hear it.

If your team wins, doesn't be an obnoxious boor by rubbing it in the opposing fans' noses unless of course you're willing to have your nose rubbed into a bowl of leftover dip.

Nora Cline is the owner of Modern Manners in Powell.