The dimensions of the playing fields have resisted change.

The dimensions of the playing fields have resisted change.

It's still 100 yards of grass and 94 feet of hardwood and 90 feet to safety.

But the view from outside the lines has changed. Athletes, parents and fans can no longer just rely on yesterday's news finding the front porch.

To that end, has stepped up its game. Your top source for high school sports news in central Ohio has teamed with OurVarsity to deliver an integrated new online sports experience at

The site is aimed at building a bigger, better and stronger sports community for every fan, parent, athlete and school in the Columbus area.

"The new site is an expansion of what we already started to build on with the success of Friday Night Live," Sports Editor Lee Cochran said. "We have enhanced that aspect of our coverage and extended it to all sports and all schools." delivers a plethora of new and unique tools that allow for each individual and each school to be celebrated.

It all starts at's home page. There users can read the top stories of the day, check out all the game scores, watch highlight videos, upload photos and videos, get involved in the pick 'em contest, read message board posts and see the links to other interesting stories from around the country.

Beyond the home page, each of the high schools in's coverage area has its own page. On those pages are stories about your schools, rosters, video albums, photo albums, highlight videos, links to the top players, schedules, announcements and more.

The third level of allows for registered users to have their own personal pages where fans, other athletes, parents and college coaches can see what you are all about.

On the personal page, athletes and fans can make a statement by uploading photos and videos, joining groups, finding friends, posting on the "Say it Loud" wall, instant messaging friends, creating a personal profile and more.

In addition, every story, photo or video taken of you by the staff can be placed on your personal page. The stories about you or your team are automatically sent to your personal page so you will have a history of all your accomplishments. With a click of the button you can place any photo or video existing on the site onto your personal page.

And if you sign up for SMS texting you will receive an alert when any new piece of content about you or your team is placed on the site.

"In creating and building the site, we wanted to make sure it was a place where everyone could stay connected to what is going with the local community and to celebrate the accomplishments of student-athletes within those communities," said Josh Kendall, one of the co-founders of OurVarsity. "And we wanted to extend that community even further by allowing users to control aspects of the content." does just that by allowing for designated school editors. Each school editor has the opportunity to write about what is happening at his or her school. This is an opportunity for aspiring student journalists or those in the audio/visual club to become involved and have their work displayed in a professional medium.

Furthermore, coaches and administrators are given the ability to load schedules, post scores and make announcements to their teams. And those announcements can be texted to the entire team at the click of a button.

"We know how important sports is to our communities," Cochran said. "And wants you to know that we believe it is extremely important for us to be a part of those communities and to help them grow. With the new we feel we have taken a huge step toward doing just that." also will continue to provide daily coverage of high school football.


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