The bubbly Bleasdale Shiraz has dark fruits and spice character with a lightweight appeal, Wine Wisdom columnist Donnie Austin says.

It's Thanksgiving time, when you get together with family, a giant turkey and side dishes galore. One question that comes to mind is: What wine works best with green casserole, candied yams and stuffing? Because of the multitude of contrasting flavors, you can't expect the perfect pairing with every dish on the table, so I like the idea of going big and rich for Thanksgiving (although the golden rule for pairing is to drink what you like).

For a flavor explosion, I recommend Bleasdale "The Red Brute" Sparkling Shiraz ($18.99), which is made of premium grapes from the Langhorne Creek region in Australia. The Sparkling Shiraz is a solid match with the feast, as well as being an entertaining wine. The characteristics of Shiraz in a bubbly form include dark fruits and spice character with a lightweight appeal that dances on your palate. The wine strikes a chord with those looking for a fruit-forward option as well as dry red wine drinkers. Serve it slightly chilled and it will satisfy those around your dining room table. Half the excitement is watching it dive into your glass. Just like the turkey, you'll want seconds.

Donnie Austin, a certified sommelier, is owner of House Wine in Worthington.