Irish coffee, courtesy of E. Armando Escobar of Crimson Cup.

You will need:
Irish Coffee Glasses Jameson Irish Whiskey Brewed French Press Coffee Sugar 1 quart Heavy Whipping Cream Hot Water
The day before you want to make your Irish Coffees, pour 1 quart heavy whipping
creaming into a tight sealing 1/2 gallon pitcher. Shake vigorously for 5 minutes. This
creates a dense creamy consistency.

Store in refrigerator.

2 or 3 more times throughout the day, shake for 3 or 4 minutes. The cream will almost double in volume
but will still maintain its thick creamy consistency.

To assemble your Irish Coffee, preheat glasses with hot water. Add one teaspoon sugar
and 1 ounces of Irish Whiskey. Add french press coffee to a 1/4 inch from rim and stir.

Take your cream from refrigerator and gently shake.

Slowly pour cream over coffee.

The key here is to pour slowly to keep the cream on top of the coffee.

Serve and enjoy!