Jason's in Dublin is big on sandwiches and little else.

Jason's Deli
225 W. Bridge St., Dublin

Overview: Tame, Texas-based suburban deli with approachable bill of fare.

Layout: Spacious, lots of tables, boxy with big windows.

Menu: Sandwiches, soups, loaded potatoes, wraps, a few pasta dishes, pre-made salads, salad bar, desserts.

Thing to remember: Order and pay at the counter; meals are shuttered out to tables. Free soft-serve ice cream.

What to try: Reuben ($7.29), "Beefeater" ($6.59), "Smokey Jack" panini ($6.59) -- each served with chips and pickle -- and carrot cake ($2.99).

What not to try: Southwest chicken chili, spicy seafood gumbo (both $3.59 a cup, $4.59 a bowl).

Value is in the eye of the beholder: Salad bar, nothing special ($6.99).

Beverages: Pop, juices, tea, coffee.

Bizarro moment: Deli's arrival made popular Jasons across the street (and second location in Worthington) change name to J. Liu.

Hours: 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily

Assessment: Inexpensive and fairly decent, if uneventful, place to sate appetite.

- Gary Seman Jr.