Westerville voters overwhelmingly approved changes to the city's charter in Tuesday's election.

Westerville voters overwhelmingly approved changes to the city's charter in Tuesday's election.

The move marked the first time in 20 years that the document had been amended.

In unofficial results posted Tuesday night, the amendments, which appeared on the ballot as a single question, passed by a vote of 7,613 to 3,351, or 69.4 percent to 30.6 percent in Franklin County, with all precincts reporting.

In Delaware County, the amendments passed by 1,684 votes to 686 votes, or 71.1 percent to 29 percent.

The amendments appeared as language revisions throughout the charter. They will allow council members to serve as notary publics or in the National Guard and would reserve the seats of members serving in the National Guard; prohibit city employees from sitting on council; require ordinances and resolutions to be published in three public places instead of four; eliminate two months of severance pay for an ousted city manager; require the city manager to present to council a five-year financial forecast; add a requirement that the city manager must submit an annual budget; omit language outlining conflicts of interest and insert that the city will follow state ethical standards; allow a member of a board being unseated the opportunity to seek counsel at a hearing before city council; and omit language transitional language in the original 1964 charter.

The amendments were put forth by a charter review commission put together by council at the beginning of the year. The review is required by the charter every 10 years.

In 2000, city council voted not to put recommended changes before voters. Westerville residents did vote to change the charter in 1990.

Also on Tuesday, voters approved three local liquor options.

Voters approved weekend liquor sales and Sunday liquor sales, from 11 a.m. to midnight, for Cluckers House of Wings, 8 E. Main St. In unofficial results from the Franklin County Board of Elections, weekday sales were approved 307 votes to 142 votes, or 68.4 percent to 31.6 percent. Sunday sales were approved by a vote of 273 to 177, or 60.7 percent to 39.3 percent.

Voters also approved weekday alcohol sales for Duke and Duchess, 462 W. Main St., by 301 votes to 275 votes, or 52.3 percent to 47.7 percent.