Before The Beat takes a (in our opinion) well-deserved holiday break - a one-week hiatus for our Dec. 30 editions - we hit the Rewind button for a look back at arts and entertainment happenings during 2010.

Before The Beat takes a (in our opinion) well-deserved holiday break - a one-week hiatus for our Dec. 30 editions - we hit the Rewind button for a look back at arts and entertainment happenings during 2010.

(This is a print-only hiatus - make sure to check the Arts &Entertainment section at for stuff next week.)

As usual, this Year in Review offers up a couple of awards, some notable quotes and a recap of news and trends from the past year. Enjoy, and early good wishes to all of you for 2011 from The Beat.

Best Concert

In a surprise move, we're declaring a tie here.

It's always cool when a show gives you a greater insight into a band to which you're just starting to come around. Such it was in July when we checked out The Gaslight Anthem at Lifestyle Communities Pavilion.

We had a slightly-more-than-cursory knowledge of the band before, and liked what we'd heard. In concert, the band was raucous and energetic, pumping out rock n' roll song after rock n' roll song. We've since immersed ourselves - our current fave is The Spirit of Jazz.

And a Critic Crony added: "It was nice to discover some back catalog ditties that you like as much as the stuff of which you are aware. Also, to get introduced to some other artists (Chamberlain, the opener and the Lucero tune GA played) made it worth the price of the ticket."

But we were torn, and thus opted for the easy way out, in declaring a tie - naming the Kansas-with-Columbus Symphony Orchestra at Picnic with the Pops, also in July, co-"Best Concert."

Sure, it had been more than 20 years since we'd last seen one of our favorite bands, but this one was special because we attended with our then-12-year-old daughter - and it was her idea.


Best Quote

"You know when you're at a party and you think it's time to leave but then you see a friend who tells you to stay for one more and then you have still one more and one more and the next morning is not too good? We want to have a happy end to the Scorpions party and not leave after your inside said you stayed too long." - Scorpions guitarist Rudolf Schenker, on his band deciding to retire (Sadly, the band had to cancel its Columbus date, and may not pass these ways again.)

Honorable Mention

"I'm a big fan of The Temptations." - Otis Williams of the Temptations

Williams also told us, when we asked what he was doing on the day we called, "Just layin' around watching double-oh-seven."

More quotes

Wow. The Beat had the opportunity to chat with some cool folks during 2010, and we came away with a lot of good stuff. Thanks to them all.

"I believe you're handed a certain fate but you create your own destiny." - blues singer and cancer survivor Candye Kane

"We sound like the sum total of the music we listen to. I'm sure if you went through your record collection, there would be more than one kind of music in there." - rocker Sarah Borges

"I hope I play well." - trumpeter Lew Soloff, on his forthcoming date with the Columbus Jazz Orchestra. We think he was kidding

"If you can't sit down with an acoustic guitar and play it and have it make sense, then we're probably not going to do it. A great melody, lyrics and chord structure make a song good, no matter what style it's played in." - Joe Greenetz, Sherwood

"It's hard to put on makeup with a 2-year-old hanging around. In real life, I don't get to wear makeup any more." - jazz singer Jane Monheit

"The producer asked me if I was trying to make a record or get on the cover of Guitar magazine. I told him 'Both, man!'" - Puddle of Mudd guitarist Paul Phillips

"I got so used to seeing myself green that I'd think I was clean, only to see pictures of myself later and I looked seasick." - Julia Murney, former Elphaba in Wicked on Broadway, on washing

"Music is a message that communicates something and you can use technique to accomplish it." - guitarist Andy McKee

"We're maybe not as precise - perhaps the word is 'good' - as some other bands, but our shows are better." - We Are Scientists bassist Chris Cain

"I figured I'd wired his house or something, but turns out he'd seen me at an open mic." - Matt "The Electrician" Sever, on a meeting at a restaurant that helped convince him to permanently adopt his moniker.

"For our first record, we saved up money enough to buy our buddy a couch for his recording studio for helping us out. Times have changed." - Green River Ordinance bassist Geoff Ice

"It's still predominantly female, which is a good thing. That's how I met my wife." - Isaac Hanson on his band's fan base

News department

We're going with the October arrival of new Columbus Symphony Orchestra music director Jean-Marie Zeitouni as the top story of 2010 in the arts.

This is not just because Zeitouni, like The Beat, is a big hockey fan. (He's French-Canadian, for crying out loud. What did you expect?) No, this is extra big because the CSO made news this year also because of a new shared services agreement with CAPA, part of a larger financial restructuring, the CSO's second in the past two years.

The orchestra needed some good news, and Zeitouni is it. He's young (36), personable, attractive and he's going to make Columbus his home. (Which means, he admitted, he'll have to bone up on the Blue Jackets. But again, we digress.) He's one of North America's rising young conductors, he recognizes the challenges ahead and he loves this music.

The CAPA agreement, along with the other budget and operational changes, allowed the CSO to finish the 2009-2010 fiscal year with a balanced budget.

Moving forward, there's only so much more that can be done by CSO leadership - which we've not let off the hook in past writings - but the economy is what it is. This is ultimately a collective civic decision. What kind of a symphony orchestra does this region want?

ProMusica Chamber Orchestra announced in the spring that co-founder and music director Timothy Russell will step down - he's not retiring, he told us - gradually over the next couple of seasons. A search to replace Russell is under way.

This decision is big, too, as Russell is the only maestro that PMCO has known in its 30-plus-year history.

The concept of shared services also made news as the Columbus Blue Jackets sought ways to reduce operating losses.

The team signed an agreement in May with Ohio State University to handle concert booking and day-to-day operations at Nationwide Arena, a measure the team hoped would save it $1-million annually.

Both sides were very clear that this would not represent a conflict of interest.

"Whenever a show plays, both buildings would be involved financially," OSU vice president for administration and planning Xen Riggs told The Beat.

The Columbus Children's Choir opened its 15th season.

Columbus blues legend Willie Pooch passed away in May.

Shadowbox Cabaret changed its name to Shadowbox Live, then later in the year announced the finalization of an agreement that will see the rock n' roll-sketch comedy troupe move back to downtown Columbus.

The Bluestone opened in November in the former Bar of Modern Art space.