Keile Baney has created a diverse menu at the Powell eatery.

The Powell dining scene has grown dramatically in recent years.

Keile Baney isn't worried.

The chef of the Liberty Tavern says he tries to stay on top of the competition by giving diners a large variety of dishes at reasonable prices.

"We have a regular crowd and they're not afraid to tell us what they want," he said.

Customers can get everything from grilled mahi mahi over risotto to the Tavern "stacker" a burger crowned with barbecue pork, bacon, cheddar and onion rings.

"We have a little bit of everything," said Baney, now a contributor to Food & Wine.

Baney said his real passion is smoking. Tavern patrons are treated to frequent smoked specials, including brisket, turkey and pork shoulder.

A native of rural Erie, Penn., Baney is a 12-year veteran of the restaurant industry, working in Pennsylvania, Michigan and locally at such places as Hyde Park.