Wine Wisdom author Roger Gentile says it pairs well with light first courses, fish and poultry.

In the summer, we often turn to crisp white wines as a foil to the hot weather.

There are so many choices, sometimes it's difficult to choose.

One impressive option is the non-vintage Colle dei Tegli from the Lenotti estate in the Veneto region. The food-friendly choice is great with appetizers, light first courses, fish and poultry. I love the wine's freshness and how it made me feel quenched on a warm back-porch day.

It is a blend of half cortese and half garganega grapes, which spend time only in stainless steel vats. The nasal impressions are of a full-bodied, dry and harmonious-tasting wine with a complex structure dignified, alluring and quite satisfying when the weather is warm. The color is light straw yellow with a little green, almost clear but quite inviting. The bouquet has a fruity, almost intense aroma, with hints of peach and apple, together with a delicate scent of flowers. It felt like a viognier but with the peach aspects toned down.

It is an unbelievable bargain at $11 per bottle, as this wine fits the profile needed: affordable, remarkable and appropriate for the season.

Roger Gentile is the owner of Gentile's, the Wine Sellers and the author of two books on wine.