Welcome to next week's Fab Five. Next week's edition will be devoted to part one of our annual Fall Arts Season Preview.

Welcome to next week's Fab Five. Next week's edition will be devoted to part one of our annual Fall Arts Season Preview.
It's not often that sounds, scents and tastes satisfy as thoroughly as the Greek Festival, which marks its 39th year at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation.

Food, costume and, of course, plenty of traditional Greek dancing -- including instruction for those who've always said of dancing, "It's Greek to me" - fill the four-day (Sept. 2-5) event. And while there might be no international Greek music stars on stage, The Beat can vouch for The Hellenic Singers. We caught them at last year's festival and they are quite entertaining.

Admission is $5/$4 for the entire weekend. Visit www.greekcathedral.com.

We asked our friends on Facebook (you did know The Beat had a Facebook page, right?) a couple of weeks back about bands from the '70s and '80s currently on tour with lineups far different from their classic rosters. We have to admit, we feel a little pang of wistfulness for the innocence of our youth, when these bands were all over the radio and our stereos and tape decks.

The coming days find another example of this as Styx plays Lifestyle Communities Pavilion Friday, Sept. 2. We have to say the band sounds as good as it ever did (The Beat has seen the band in pretty much every personnel configuration), despite the fact it makes us sad that Dennis DeYoung is bitterly estranged from the rest of the band.

Tickets are $30. Call 1-800-745-3000.

The Beat recalls the first time we heard Jack's Mannequin. Four years back, we were riding in the car with our then-9-year-old daughter and station-surfing when she asked us to go back to a melodic-rock tune with which I wasn't familiar.

The tune was Dark Blue, and from there, based on this unsolicited review of someone whose taste we trust, we started following the career of ex-Something Corporate frontman Andrew McMahon.

In truth, he hasn't been that busy (his bout with cancer was before we "discovered" him), but there's a new Jack's Mannequin record - People and Things - and a tour with co-headliner Guster, which stops at Lifestyle Communities Pavilion Sunday, Sept. 4.

Lady Danville opens. Tickets are $31/$33. Call 1-800-745-3000.

Informed by a strong sense of northwest North American eco-spirituality and Norwegian black metal, Wolves in the Throne Room creates awesome, hypnotic, intense, propulsive heavy rock that comes across as a sonic night mist - as easy to get lost in as the band's philosophical roots are to untangle.

WitTR is currently on tour, with a planned stop at the Ravari Room on Sunday, Sept. 4. Thou opens.

Tickets are $8/$10. Call (614) 263-4058.

For the First Time might just be the quintessential pop song of the moment.

Anthemic yet with a singable melody, and with a dollop of patter-singing dropped into a light and occasionally clich-ridden love song - let's just say The Script has the script down pat. And Danny O'Donoghue's voice is so identifiable that we were able to place Nothing, the band's follow-up single, the moment we heard it.

The Irish trio plays Lifestyle Communities Pavilion Tuesday, Sept. 6. Openers include Hot Chelle Rae (we're not a fan of Tonight Tonight, but it's so catchy) and Safety Suit.

Tickets are $28/$30. Call 1-800-745-3000.