Recipe: Blackened sea scallops with a mustard vinaigrette, courtesy of Bradley Balch of Tucci's.


16 ea 10-20 Dry pack scallops
1 oz Cajun rub
4 oz Sakura micro greens
2 oz Point Reyes blue cheese
4 oz Sweet and sour mustard sauce
1 oz Clarified butter

Scallop sauce

4 oz Smooth Dijon
8 oz Red onion
4 oz Whole grain mustard
1 cup Red win vinegar
3 cups Corn oil
3/4 cup Sugar
Salt to taste
1 Tbl Fresh cracked pepper

1. Heat a cast iron skillet. As that is heating, dust scallops with Cajun rub, top and bottom. Blacken scallops in the pan 2-3 minutes on each side for medium temperature.

2. Arrange four serving plates, divide sauce and micro greens evenly between plates, place 4 ea scallop on the plates and garnish with blue cheese.